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How long before my next filter change?
When the meter runs down to zero or when chlorine is found in water. Why is filter change so expensive? QHWS is a water system, therefore, we change the system inside and not just filters.

What is so special about QHWS?
It not only produces clean drinking water free of chlorine but also energised water molecules that prevent food and drinks from oxidising, it also provides balance pH while maintaining bodily need natural minerals.

How does QHWS compared to RO (Reversed Osmosis)?
RO provide you with pure water. That’s no minerals at all for our bodily needs. Its water molecule is also not as small as QHWS, rendering body needs to ‘break down ‘before it can be readily absorbed into blood cell, etc.

How does QHWS measure up to Alkaline water?
Alkaline water is good when you are a meat eat, drinker or lover of spicy food. It helps to reduce the acidity and balance body pH just like drinking water with lemon. QHWS neutralized all food and drinks with balance pH before consumption, whereas alkaline is after the fact effect.

Alkaline water although kills certain bacteria but unlike QHWS that lean towards alkaline in pH yet remove Chlorine as well. How long does the energy in QHWS last? Near to infinity. Its water does not spoil or expire. Bottled water with QHWS last at least 5 years under normal condition.

Why my food and drinks tasted different after using QHWS?
QHWS with its energised water molecule is small than Nanotechnology, hence, it is able to remove pesticide, chemical and other odour due to oxidation. Restoring food and drinks to its most natural favour.

Why Sirena seems to be louder than other brands?
Because it is the most powerful.

Why is Sirena cheaper than other brand that uses water based?
Because we do not sell by direct selling scheme, where high commission is given out to sales person.

Is Sirena made in China?
It is assembled in China, its fragrance from Canada and motor from Italy. Designed and owe by Canadian company Sirena.

Does assembly in China compromised Sirena quality?
No, its quality controlled done by Canada. Just like many famous brand that is assembled in China, eg, iPhone, etc.

Why is water base vacuum better than bag filters?
Disposing dirt in bags filter generate dust in return but not water based vacuum cleaner. Water based cleaner can pick up both wet and dry dirt. Water traps most if not all dust particles that other filters will not able to do so.

What is the difference between suction and air flow?
Suctions occurs due to difference in air pressure. Unlike air flow which has a pull and push factor, therefore the Sirena is unlike other bags filter vacuum where after all the hard work of sucking is not vacuuming when the bags are full of dust and dirt without knowing when it is vacuuming and when it is not vacuuming but have suction.

Why some Sirena are sold below a thousand dollars?
They are second hand or recon set. Can Sirena be use as an air purifier? Yes, it was designed to have this function.

What so special when other products can remove chlorine too?
Our filter removed at least 8,000 litres of chlorinated water compared to other products.

What other function does it have?
It has our quantum harmonic technology in it, although the energy level is not as superior as QHWS.

Why is Chlorine in water?
It is a highly effective way to kill disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and protozoans, that is commonly grown in water supply reservoirs, on the walls of water tanks.

What is the problem with chlorinated water?
Chlorine is used to combat microbial contamination, but it can react with organic matter in the water and form dangerous, carcinogenic Trihalomethanes. According to Dr. Joseph M. Price, MD, in Moseby’s Medical Dictionary, “Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. It is an insidious poison”.

In a 1992 study that made front-page headlines, and was reported on in the July issue of the American Journal of Public Health researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee found that people who regularly drink tap water containing high levels of chlorine by-products have a greater risk of developing bladder and rectal cancers than people who drink unchlorinated water. The study estimates that about 9 percent of all bladder cancer and 18 percent of all rectal cancer cases are associated with long-term consumption of these by-products. This amounts to over 20,000 new cases each year.

What is the comparison with other products?
Our SEH technology is able to withstand higher temperature than other similar products in the market. Where chlorine is still removed even when you are enjoying a hot shower or bath.

What is QP Optima?
It is a mineral water that has gone through quantum physic mechanically treated water that is specifically structure water molecule suitable for quick absorption into facial skin cells. Keeping it moist and pH balanced.

How do I use QP Optima?
You may use it with facial mask, cotton pad/ball, facial spray, or simply with your hands. Best with our facial mist dispenser.

What facial condition can I use with QP Optima?
Allergic eczema, Psoriasis, and sebum. It can also be use as replacement for moisturizer cum toner.

Children accidentally drink QP Optima, what shall I do?
Nothing, as it is mineral water that has gone through quantum mechanical technology, there’s no chemical ingredients or any additive in it.

Can I use QP Optima together with my existing products?
Yes, it may even enhance the effectiveness of your product. Due to QP technology, it makes penetration into skin cell quickly.

Can I use QP Optima with my make ups?
Yes, as QP Optima reach deep into facial skin cells.

When it QP Optima expire?
It does not. The water molecule is highly energized and structured to prevent oxidation.

How often should I use QP Optima?
For maintenance of facial hydration at least twice a day. For problematic condition, as often as possible. Best with our mist dispenser, can use up to at least seven times a day.

What is QP water?
It is mineral water that has gone through quantum physic technology for restructuring of water molecules for specific functions, and energizing the water molecules for specific effect without creating chemical side effects.

What is QPVF?
It is mineral water designed for specific function in removing pesticides and chemical compound from fertilizers. It also frees up the natural minerals and vitamins in vegetables and fruits giving the benefits, texture and taste of vegetables and fruits back from the suppression of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

How much should I use?
The ratio is 50 ml to 1000ml of water.

If it is not chemical, how does it works?
The QPVF water resonates it energy once in contact with normal water. Transforming normal water molecules to behave as if there are QP water without chemical reaction.

What is QPSM?
It is design specifically for soaking seafood and meat to prevent oxidation and removing antibiotic that may be in it.

Can I use QPVF on seafood and meat as well?
No, the QP water molecule in seafood and meat are different from vegetables and meats.

What side effect if I use the wrong QP water?
None, it is just waste of use. As QP water is mineral water in nature.

Can QP water be use on other areas?
Yes, contact us for specific function you need. While we do have other QP water for other specific uses. Including some for health purposes. Nano Natural Mineral Alkaline Water Filter

What is the difference between ionised alkaline water and mineral alkaline water?
Ionised Alkaline water comes from electro separation of water molecule to obtain its alkalinity. Whereas mineral alkaline water obtains its alkalinity through mineral like calcium and magnesium. Ionised alkaline water may lose it alkalinity faster than mineral obtained alkaline.

Must I drink alkaline water?
It depends on your diet. If you are eating more vegetables and fruits than meat, you don’t really need alkaline water.

Who should drink alkaline water?
Those who eats meat, fried, spicy and processed food regularly.

Why and what nanotechnology is used in this alkaline water?
Nanotechnology is used here to break down water molecule for faster water absorption. Nano silver is used to keep cost lower than Nano gold. I

f I have change my diet to more vegetables and fruits, how long more should I drink alkaline water?
Between three to six months.

Why is mineral alkaline water better than ionised alkaline water?
Alkaline water alone without mineral although does deprave body of mineral, it doesn’t replenish mineral back to your body like mineral alkaline water.

Renewable Energy Products

What is it?
It is an organic fuel catalyst that blend with both petrol and diesel fuel using nanotechnology to create a powerful combustion in engine compartment that produce increase power output and cleaning engine chamber without chemical, with fuel saving effect due to complete combustion.

How often do I have to use it?
Because Bio Catalyst is not a chemical compound additive, it requires blending with fossil fuel each time upon refilling your tank.

How much should I use?
Bio Catalyst works with the following ratio, 1:1000 litre for petrol and 1:800 litre for Diesel. So if you have a 60 litre tank car, you have to use 60 ml of Bio Catalyst.

What happens if I have put in more than the recommended ratio?
More power output and increase performance with no ill effects. But it must not be used as a replacement of fossil fuel.

My vehicle is five years old, can I still use it?
The older the better, the increase in performance and fuel saving will be obvious.

My vehicle is new, should I risk using it?
There is no risk in using Bio Catalyst, in fact, in helps to protect combustion chamber because of it lubricating effect left behind by its organic oil during cleaning in combustion chamber. Unlike chemical cleaning additive that clean with detergent effect, rendering dry surface in combustion chamber.

How does Bio Catalyst save fuel?
It blends perfectly with fossil fuel giving it a complete combustion, therefore, reducing the need for hard acceleration and lesser fossil fuel usage.

Why is it environmental friendly?
Complete combustion reduces carbon monoxide, sulphide oxides, etc. Thus environmental friendly.

What is it use for?
It is meant to be used with engine oil.

What would it do the engine oil?
It blends with engine oil to enhance it efficiency by removing sludge formation when engine cools and also protect engine during cold start. It also lengthens the life spans of engine oil by another 3,000 to 5,000 km before your next engine oil change.

How much shall I use?
For 4 litre of engine oil, use 100ml of Bio Power. The ratio is 25:1000 ml.

What happens if I used more?
Smoother and better engine performance.

How does it help in fuel saving?
Better lubrication produces lesser friction, enhance performance, thereby reduces need for increased acceleration.

What technology it uses?
Bio Power is an organic ingredient activated by nanotechnology.

Why is it environmental friendly?
Reduces friction during combustion and other moving parts, being itself organic in natural, and reduces fuel consumption thus reduces usage of fossil fuel, therefore, environmental friendly.

What is it?
An organic ingredient activates via Femto technology that increases air conditional compressor by one to two horse power. Lubricating compressor to reduce friction, thereby, reduces electricity consumption.

Where can I use it?
Can be used in both vehicle and home unit air-con compressor.

If used in car, how does it help in save saving?
Vehicle compressor requires engine power to operate. By lubricating compressor unit, reduces the power needed to operate it, hence helps in fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Can I use it in re-con set?
All the more Bio Cool should be used. To extend the life-span of the recon set and gives it better performance.

Does it protect air-con piping?
Yes, it does. Due to thin lining of oil coating.

How long can it last?
Depending on how old is the air-con unit. Recommend once a year.

My air-con unit is new, should I use it?
Use Bio Cool after one year to protect and maintain your new air-con unit compressor.

How many Bio Cool do I need if my home air-con is a split unit system?
One canister of Bio Cool is for one compressor. Some home split unit system may have more than one compressor, therefore, required Bio Cool according to the number of compressor per unit system.

What is it?
Bio Strength is a compound organic element of both Humic and Fulvic acid. Bind together using nanotechnology.

What is Humic acid and Fulvic acid?
Humic and fulvic acids (fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content than other humic acids) are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture, and less commonly as a human nutritional supplement. By supplying the soil with sufficient humic acid, we help to bind cations (positively charged elements).

How much should I use?
The ratio is 1:1000 kg. Only a few grams needed to mix with water for a pot of plant.

Can I use it on animal as well, since it is organic?
Yes, you can use on both plants and animals.

What does it do?
It enables plants and animal to absorb nutrients faster and better. It is also able to enhance the vitamin and mineral within the plants and animals.

I have accidentally consumed some of it, what should do?
If less than 100ml according to portion of dilution, do not worry as there is no chemical in it and should not have any side effects. Above 100ml, see a doctor if you feel uncomfortable at the same time drink more water.

My Pets are not feeling well; can I give them some to drink?
Yes, a portion of not more than 100ml.

Can I put some in my fish tank?
Yes, your fish will healthier and stronger.

Do I need to add in fertilizer for my plants?
Reduce your fertilizer from time to time, starting with 20% and later 50% as your plant grow healthier.