Natural World® is involved in project work through its expertise in using its Quantum Transformation Technology (QTT) in the treatment and restoration of the environment, using clean energy and non-use of chemicals.

We actively seek environmental projects that are cross-industry and cross-regions. Our technical expertise broadly includes the treatment of polluted rivers, sewage and waste water.

Quantum Transformation Technology (QTT) is the ultimate green technology that delivers desirable results in multiple application areas.

The technology can effectively eliminate environmental pollution without using chemicals and microorganisms, increase crop yields in agriculture, aquaculture and livestock sector without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The advantages and benefits of Quantum Transformation Technology (QTT) to the environment are many:

  • In contrast to other techniques, the treatment process of QTT introduces no pollutant and does not result in secondary environmental pollution.
  • QTT eliminates foul odors and improves the surrounding atmosphere.
  • QTT is environmental friendly as it produces QTT water using the quantum wave present in the natural environment. The process requires no additives, chemicals or microorganisms.
  • Long term usage of QTT will improve the ecosystem and create a healthy environment organically.

The benefits in terms of reliability and sustainability of Quantum Transformation Technology (QTT):

  • It can be used in the treatment of polluted water, soil and sludge in rivers, lakes, industrial wastewater and sewage.
  • QTT performs well in water quality treatment as it is able to achieve the standard set by the Department of Environment within a short time.
  • The results achieved using QTT is sustainable. Upon the completion of the initial transformation process, QTT maintenance procedures can help to sustain, and even improve, the final outcome.
  • Long term usage of QTT is capable to eliminate the accumulation of sludge containing heavy metals and other toxins along river beds and river banks, gradually providing excellent ecological environment for aquatic organisms.

QTT is flexible, simple and easy to use and to operate with the following benefits:

  • QTT does not require high installation cost and can be easily incorporated into existing facilities and operating system.
  • It is easy and safe to operate. QTT relies upon simple manual method or an automatic sprinkler system to add a prescribed volume of QTT water at a consistent rate into the water body.
  • QTT equipment, i.e. QTT wave transmitter and QTT wave receiver, requires no fuel or electricity. It is the ultimate green technology.

The value and benefits of using QTT may be summarized as follows

  • In waste water treatment plant it requires no extension or expansion of current facilities. This reduces infrastructure costs.
  • QTT requires no chemicals, microorganisms, electricity, and sludge treatment. This reduces operating expenses and eliminates any concerns about punitive action from the authority pertaining to sub-standard water discharge.
  • QTT creates value. Clean environment adds value to the surrounding real estate and promotes ecotourism, while clean water reduces domestic water expenses and industrial and agricultural production costs. This improves a region’s or country’s image.

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