Bio Power 200ml

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Bio Strength & Animal Feed Enhancer

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An organic catalyst that binds engine oil molecules more strongly, Bio Power protects the engine and increases engine performance. It reduces engine noise and it also prevents sludge formation, thus resulting in a cleaner, smoother and quieter engine.

Driving in the city causes much undue stress to the engine. Bio Power enables conventional engine oil (synthetic or otherwise) to last longer. With a smoother engine, fuel consumption is reduced, thus improving costs savings.

Different Grades Of Engine Oil

Fully Synthetic

(0W – 30, 0W – 40, 0W – 50)

  • Prolongs engine life
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce engine operating temperature
  • Increased oxygen levels provides an even and prolonged combustion process

Semi Synthetic

(5W – 30, 10W – 40, 15W – 50)

  • Better protection
  • Good protection within the first 10 minutes after starting out
  • Roughly three times better at reducing engine wear
  • Increased oil change intervals – need not change oil as often


(10W – 40, 15W – 40)

  • Basic protection for a variety of engines
  • Oil needs to be changed more often
  • Mineral oil being cheap may cause sludge deposits in the engine while fully synthetic oil is expensive

Benefits of Bio Power

  • Prolongs engine life
  • Increase horsepower
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Improve overall performance
  • Protects engine during cold starts
  • Protects metal surfaces from galling should lubrication be lost
  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce overall temperature
  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Reduce noise & vibration
  • COMPATIBLE with MOST synthetic & mineral-based oil
  • Will NOT void manufacturer’s warranty