QP Optima (for facial treatment)

SGD 25.00

Your Natural Beauty Begins with QP Optima

QP Optima is energized mineral facial water that is scientifically enhanced through Quantum Transformation Technology. The treated ultra-fine water molecules absorbed quickly into facial skin cells, keeping them moist and pH balanced. About 99% of facial skin problems are due to the lack of sufficient moisture/water. QP Optima offers moisture replacement that is a million times that of ordinary water.



  • Regulates optimal pH value of skin
  • Penetrates deep and provides long lasting rehydration of skin cells
  • Reduce & prevent pimples/acne
  • Helps repair wrinkle & fine lines
  • Rejuvenates skin cells
  • Enhances radiant & textures of skin cell
  • Relieves skin allergy

Ingredients (ml/L):

  • Ca2+ : 10.5-68.9
  • Mg2+ : 1.5-17.2
  • Na+ : 2.4-7.4
  • K+ : 1.0-4.3
  • pH value : 6.5-7.5
Quantum Transformation Technology is a revolutionize discovery beyond NANO technology. 100% safe. 100% no negative side effect.