Quantum Harmonic Water System

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Quantum Harmonic Water System produces Energized Mineral Water with very tiny water molecules size at only 51Hz!!

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Switch to a healthier lifestyle! Use Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System to get the healthiest and safest benefits.

  • High levels of anti-oxidation properties
  • Retains only the good healthy nutrients in your food
  • Removes harmful contaminants and other particles
  • Improves the freshness and taste of food
  • Gets rid of residual chlorine from tap water
  • Vegetables, fruit, meats or seafood stay fresh and nutritious longer
  • Higher oxygen content in the water
  • Creates healthier tiny clusters of water molecules, which are easier to be absorbed through our body, plants, food etc.
Foods will be oxidized once expose to the air and produce oxide. This oxidation process also creates “free radical” that can cause cancer, heart attack, stroke and other problems. So, one must avoid the intake of these oxidized food (oxide). At least 30% of oxide will be produced from raw food preparation process to the completion of the dishes. The longer the food is remains unconsumed, the more oxide is being produced. Treat the food using the Quantum Harmonic water can highly prevent the oxidation and retain the food nutrients, many times more effective than any other means.
The quality of alcohol, vinegar and soy sauce is determined by its fermentation process. The longer the fermentation process, the higher the quality. It is because Methanol and Formaldehyde that produced during the fermentation process needs at least 10 months to be eliminated. Isolation soaking these fermented products into the Quantum Harmonic water will accelerate the aging / fermentation process to achieve the same quality as of those high-graded ones. At the same time, toxic that produced during the process will be removed. In terms of value, one can enjoy the high-quality products at low cost. Note:The change of taste and structure of the alcohol, vinegar and soy sauce is not due to the penetration of the small molecule, but the energy in it.
The raw food can only effectively keep its freshness by freezing at temperature -70°C. But home fridge usually can only maintain the temperature at -10°C. It means the raw food will be oxidized slowly even it is being frozen inside the fridge. Furthermore, the oxidation will continue during the food preparation process until the food is eaten. The harmful impact is significant for those family who prepare 3 meals everyday at home. Immerse the raw food for 20 minutes using the Quantum Harmonic water before storage in the fridge can highly prevent food oxidation to keep its freshness and nutrients for long time. At the same time, reduce food wastage and saves lots of money. Note: Seafood usually tent to get oxidized faster than meat.
The molecule size of tap water is about 120Hz. Human body will only adsorb water molecule at size 60Hz and below. This water system produces very tiny water molecules at 51Hz which can enter better and faster into body’s blood vessel for faster hydration. It also penetrates the foods to remove the pesticide residue and pollutants from the air that fall on it.
Model 12000L : Filtration capacity up to 12000 litres
Model 25000L : Filtration capacity up to 25000 litres
There is a meter reading (unit: L) on the machine, it tracks the amount of filtered water and the balance capacity. So the user can track the filter life span accurately instead of estimation unlike other filters in the market. Other filters in the market only advice an estimation duration of the filter, but it largely depends on individual’s usage, so the accuracy is low. Our product is the only one that equipped with meter reading in the market so far.
  1. Any parts that is made from stainless steel has been treated by SHE technology. So water that flow through these stainless steel part will get treated as well.
  2. Validity period of Quantum Harmonic water: Theoretically the water will not expire. Experimentally proven that at least 5 years (based on current record).
  3. Do not put Quantum Harmonic Water System beside any chemical volatile items, such as detergents, disinfectants, and so on. The taste of water will be affected.

Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System has many unique features that are ready for various applications. It can highly improve our quality of life in many ways:

At Home.

Your home simply cannot do without it – your food will taste better and is more nutritious.
  • Keep your food fresh and nutritious. Air pollution is getting uglier day after day, the pollutants in the air (e.g. dioxins) are everywhere. Just soak vegetables, fruit, meats or seafood in the water treated from Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System for approximately 15~30 minutes will help them stay fresh, more nutritious and last longer;
  • Removes residues from agricultural chemicals, contaminants, and heavy metals from your food by simply soaking it in the treated water for approximately 15~30 minutes;
  • Even the colours of packaged food will last longer which not only enhances the flavor, but also improves its nutritional values.
  • Improves the quality and taste of your drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcohol.
  • Reduces the need for excessive salt or soy sauce – and cook healthier and tasty meals.
  • Cook delicious rice, noodles and soups because it helps get rid of chlorine from tap water as well as other harmful contaminants, keeping in only the good nutrients.
  • Rinsing just-permed/dyed hair with water from Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System removes the chemical odor from perm/dye products, while protecting your scalp.
  • Add water from the system to your home tropical aquarium – the fish will become healthier and more energetic and the tank stays cleaner.
At Home

Better Business.

Using Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System is simply good for business – stay one step ahead of your competitor.
  • Provides for better quality of food and longer-lasting freshness
  • For food processing businesses, the use of Natural World Quantum Harmonic Water System provides for better quality of food with longer-lasting freshness.
  • Hotpot restaurants, cafes and other dining outlets will offer better tasting food and beverages due to the strong anti-oxidation properties (as compared to food preparation and cooking using normal tap water)
  • For hair salons, rinsing your clients just-permed or coloured hair with the treated water not only lessens the chemical odor from the perm or dye products but will also help to protect their scalp.
Better Business

Improved Industrial (food related) and Agricultural uses.

Extend the freshness and improve the value of food ingredients as well as having many applications in the agricultural industry
  • The Quantum Harmonic Water System is unique because water used for the bottled drinks cannot be easily oxidized, keeping the product fresh.
  • Enhances the quality of your product making it more competitive in the market.
  • Production yields and quality for growing mushrooms and for irrigating vegetables, fruit and flowers are higher, translating to better profits.
  • Crops will grow to become stronger, after only soaking the seeds for 30 minute before planting them.
  • In farming, feeding your livestock (chickens, ducks, pigs etc.) with the filtered water will help to increase their immunity to diseases. It also helps to reduce the odour of their excrement. It also helps chickens produce fresher eggs.
Improved Industrial (food related) and Agricultural uses.
Water Type HZ
Tap Water 127 HZ
Spring Water 122 HZ
Rain Water 119 HZ
Distilled Water 118 HZ
Well Water 105 HZ
Mineral water 94 HZ
World Longevity Village Water 80 HZ
Ionized Water 70-80 HZ
Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water System 51 HZ

Plants are living creatures. The Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water gives “green” energy to the plant. Plants consist of cells. Therefore, Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water is one of the life’s necessities that make plants maintain life more naturally and helps them grow. Thus, Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water will make the natural land and life richer, becoming the “green” energy.

A) Comparison of bean sprout heights between different types of water energy.
B) Enlarged image for observation of bean sprout growth (comparison of root growth)


As shown in the photo above (growing of bean sprouts in different types of water), the sprouts growing in the Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water are the highest and most flourishing, followed by those in ionized water, and the rest of the specimens, such as those growing in tap water, RO water and distilled water are no match to the first two.

As shown in the photo above (root of sprouts), the sprouts growing in the Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water have the densest and longest roots, and all the root have penetrated the linen, showing signs of great vitality and clear distinction from those growing in other types of water. The root of sprouts growing in ionized water did have penetrated the linen, but not as far as those growing in the Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water. As for the bean sprouts growing in tap water, RO water and distilled water, their roots are short and unable to penetrate the linen, indicating weak vitality.

The differences in energy between tap water and Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water.

The two photos on the right are the energy emissions of Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water and tap water contained in test tubes. These photos are taken with a Kirlian camera. The substance in the halo is water.

Compared to the weak halo of top water on the right, the one of Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water on the left is thicker and larger, indicating higher energy level.

Products Tap Water R.O. System General Water Filter Ionized Water Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water
lt retains the minerals beneficial to human body, and removes harmful substances, such as residual chlorine, impurities, heavy metals and substances that could cause cancer. NO NO NO Passable YES
lt produces activated water. NO NO NO YES YES
It generates the smallest Cluster of water molecules beneficial to human health. NO 110-130Hz NO 110-130Hz NO 110-130Hz Passable 70Hz YES 51Hz
It helps delay oxidation And keeps food fresh. NO NO NO NO YES
lt removes agricultural chemicals from vegetables & fruits by soaking them inNatural World® Quantum Harmonic Water NO NO NO Passable YES
It helps cook more delicious rice and delay Its deterioration from the acidification process. NO NO NO Passable YES
Rinse just-permed hair with Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water helps remove the odor of dying or perm products and protect your skin. NO NO NO NO YES
Making tea withNatural World® Quantum Harmonic Water not only delays oxidation, but also makes the tea taste better. NO NO NO NO YES
Does it require external power source? NO YES Passable YES NO
Cartridge replacing frequency. NO Every 3 months Every 3 months About 4-5 months About 2-3years (102MX-25)



Tap Water

Contain the human-body-beneficial mineral substance (calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and so on).

The concentration of residual chlorine (for disinfecting use) is rather high, which would produce the haloform carcinogen after heating up. 

R.O. System

Can remove all Beneficial and harmful matters from the water, being commonly recognized as the cleanest water quality produced.

Water passing through the RO process will remove all trace matters in it, which is equal to the pure water that does not contain any mineral substance, useless to human body health and should be worried about if drinking it for a long time. The PH value in RO water is weak acid; the oxygen content is low and no active capability that is easy to cause the acidic physique to drinker in consequence. And any power shortage would cut off the water supply.

General Filter System Can remove residual chlorine (for disinfecting use) and contaminants from the water.

Apply ion exchange resin Or the activated Charcoal to make filter core, which only can remove the residual chlorine, impurity and odor from water, but the heavy metal still in; and if using the hollow fiber membrane it would be easier infected by bacteria.

Ionized Water

It generates negative electric Charges to neutralize the acidity in the body. Besides Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water is capable of holding the minerals beneficial to human body and removing residual chlorine and impurity from the water.

Ionized water has to be consumed in two hours without being boiled, or the ionization will be lost after the electric potential is reduced. In Japan, ionized water is used for medical purposes, and it is not suitable to consume as drinking water for a long time. Also, the poor water quality area come with more heavy metal is not suitable for use ionized water because of its negative cell will more easily to produce large amounts of heavy metals, so the water will become highly concentrated heavy metal water.

Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water

Except maintaining the mineral substances beneficial to human body and remove residual chlorine, contaminants.
heavy metals and the carcinogens from the water, the Natural World® 
Quantum Harmonic Water also has the characteristic of very strong anti-oxidization capability, extremely high oxygen content and very tiny cluster of water molecules, which are extremely helpful to human body and inner recycle aspect; it is a high-quality drink-water system best suitable to the whole family to long-term use. Except the above characteristics, the Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water also has other dozens of functions too. 

Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water System is the biotechnical masterpiece developed by the cooperation between the US, Japan and Taiwan. Therefore, it is understandable that the costs to produce it and its sales price are relatively higher.



To cater to the different needs of businesses and industry Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water System is also offered in large models and various sizes, from 12,000L, 25,000L, 500 tons to 20,000 tons.


Call us today to find out how Natural World® Quantum Harmonic Water System can help your business.