Sirena The Total Air Purifying Vacuum Cleaner System

SGD 2,383.00

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Sirena does not require bags to collect dust and dirt. Sirena uses water as its filter. A Separator Technology forces air into the water, keeping dirt from being blown back into your home. Dirt is trapped within the water. Sirena replaces all vacuum cleaners but not all vacuum cleaners can replace Sirena.



The Sirena Total Air Purifying System is more than Just A Vacuum Cleaner

The stylish cleaning system is driven by a powerful 1200w dual speed Italian-made motor which features the state-of-the-art water filtration technology coupled with a washable HEPA filter. And here is the best part – the system includes a variety of accessories to handle all your domestic chores.

Breathe easy in the comfort of your home

  • Water based filtration for superior cleaning
  • Returns only clean fresh air back to your home
  • No need for messy dusty bags
  • Double protection with HEPA filter
  • Purifies the air and eliminates odors
  • Reduces allergies
  • 10 year warranty (terms and conditions apply)

Net Weight: 13.23kg (Complete unit including Main unit, Power Nozzle and all attachments)
Main unit weight: 6.6kg


Aromatize and deodorize the air while you clean!

Separator technology forces air and dirt into water. Clean fresh air is returned.

Even the new ultra soft carpet is a breeze for the sirena power nozzle.

Double protection with HEPA12 filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Absorption. The HEPA filter is designed to trap tiny particles down to .03 microns and will also trap material that is not water soluble. It is especially designed for those suffering various breathing disorders. The HEPA filter is washable and hence very economical (unlike throw-away dust bags).